As you are travelling in the safety of your cars the we can ensure that you won’t come into contact with any members of the public, other than those within your car.

If you choose to order food, your food will be delivered to your car and can be placed on the bonnet or roof.

Should you need to visit our toilets please rest assured that these are fully staffed ensuring that those in a queue are standing two metres apart. For more information please CLICK HERE

Tickets will go on sale from the 2nd June with tours commencing from the 4 July 2020 (pending government advice)

Please follow us on our social media platforms in order to receive the most up to date information regarding ticket sales.

The route will open at 10.30am and close at 5pm. 1 hour slots are available to book, each slot will accommodate 30 cars. Please check online for the available slots and times.

Yes, pre booking is essential. Please do not turn up with out booking, unless we have capacity you will be refused entry.

The Drive Thru is open on weekends throughout Spetember and the daily from 10th October through to 1st November.

No this is not possible, but please do let us know if you are struggling to make a booking.

We only take bookings for te VIP Farm Safari over the phone.

Pre booking is essential, if you turn up without prebooked tickets and we are fully booked then you will be refused entry.

No, once your tickets have been purchased, we are unable to change, cancel or refund your booking. Please visit our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If you miss your slot, we will do whatever we can to transfer your booking to the next slot BUT only if there is availability in another slot.

If we cannot transfer your booking please note that we cannot refund your tickets.

This is suitable for all ages. Please note under 18 months are not included in the total number of people in your car.

Under 18 months are free of charge.

The farm will be open from the 3rd October but you must pre book.

Your drive thru farm safari ticket DOES NOT include farm park entry. An additional ticket must be purchased if you wish to come into the farm after your farm safari. Tickets are limited.

During your tour you will some or all of the following:
  • Llamas
  • Alpacas
  • Goats
  • Kids
  • Lambs
  • Sheep
  • Cows
  • Calves
  • Horses
  • Ponies
  • Donkeys
  • Hens
  • Emu’s
  • Red deer
  • Fallow deer
Please note due to the nature of animals and weather conditions you may not see all of the above.

No. It is strictly forbidden to exit your vehicle. Anyone seen doing so will be asked to leave immediately.

Yes but only for use at the beginning and end of the trial. You cannot turn around once on the trail.

No dogs are not permitted w can only allow assistance dogs.

If you arrive with a dog you will not be able to progress into the route.

Yes camping is available, please ask for more details.

Season tickets and refund vouchers are permitted to use.
School, party passes and radio vouchers are not permitted for use on the farm safari.
Please email for clarification.
Season ticket holders must also email for details.

You must arrive 5 mins (no earlier) than your allocate time slot start time.

Please look for the arrival / entrance sign and form an orderly queue.

Yes we have a takeaway facility for use after your experience. Please see our website for the menu
Basic items such as drinks and snacks will be available upon arrival.

Yes we have a full delicious menu for you to choose and order from.

Please see our full menu on the website.

No, pre booking a picnic and play plot is not required. Simply drive to a clearly marked plot after your farm safari has ended and order your food.

Don’t forget to tell us what plot you are on when ordering your food!

Children can only play on the outdoor play area if food has been ordered from Roosters Diner/Takeaway service.


The Picnic and Outdoor Play area is available after your farm Safari until 2nd October 2020.

From the 3rd October the outside play area is NOT included in your Farm Safari ticket and the picnic area will be hard standing.

No food is permitted on the safari route. The picnic and small outside play area are for Safari customers who have purchased food from Roosters Takeaway only.

No food can be consumed on the picnic area other than what has been purchased onsite

You can purchase animal feed for the route but under no circumstances must you get out of the car to feed the animals.

The feed is for you to carefully throw to the animals as you pass and only in permitted areas.

You are more than welcome to take your own photos.

Please make sure you tag us them when posting on social media.


Please be aware on certain days we may have a photographer taking photos for social media and our website.

We will advise you if there is a photographer on the day of your visit.

There will be an emergency number provided upon your arrival. You should call the number provided if you breakdown or have an emergency.

Until the 2nd October (inclusive) the outdoor play area is only available for those with a dedicated picnic plot and food must be ordered from our onsite Rooster’s Diner.

Depending on other events happening the outdoor play area may be closed.

Please call if you are would like to double-check or head over to our social media for the latest updates.

The Picnic and Outdoor Play area is available after your farm Safari until 2nd October 2020.

From the 3rd October the outside play area is NOT included in your Farm Safari ticket and the picnic area will be hard standing.

Throughout September only our Caterpillar ride and Junior Quads are available after your Farm Safari.

Please note these will not be available after from the 3rd October onwards unless you had a separate farm park admission which must be purchased online.

Please be aware that these are additional costs and are NOT included within your standard Farm Safari price.

These rides are available at the end of the Farm Safari.

Our picnic area is open to the public who wish to come and have a safe area to

eat * play * relax

but do not wish to go around our farm safari.

For those wishing to have a picnic plot ONLY, plots must be pre booked and are charged at £4.95 plus booking fee – per plot.

Please note that the picnic plot and outdoor play area are free of charge for you to use after your farm Safari experience – when ordering food.

Food must be purchased from Roosters Diner / Takeaway in all instances when using our picnic plots.


Children 18 months and under are free of charge. Please do not include them in the total amount of people in the vehicle.