Touring and Camping Terms and Conditions.

During your stay with us we hope you have a fabulous time, and everything is to your satisfaction.

  • If you have any questions, please speak to our reception staff who will be delighted to assist.
  • Arrival from 12 noon onwards.
  • Check in is NO LATER than 6pm.
  • Full non-refundable payment is required at the time of booking, we accept cards
  • TENTS: Maximum 6 people per tent.
  • No fridge / freezer spaces onsite
  • No washing up facilities: water points available with running cold water.
  • FAMILIES ONLY; we are strictly a family-only campsite.
  • No ‘adult’ only groups
  • Children are classed as 16 and under.
  • No noise after 8pm.
  • Ball games next to your tent / pitch only.
  • Farm Park entry and the outdoor play area are NOT included within your camping price.
    Separate tickets are required and pre booking is recommended due to limited availability.
  • Cycles/scooters/skateboards etc are NOT permitted into the farm park at any time.
  • Dogs have to be supervised, well behaved and kept on leads of no more than 2 metres at all
    times and only walked on the footpaths to and from the site
    (they are not permitted on the Farm Park).
  • We do not accept breeds/crossbreeds listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act.
  • The site must be vacated by 10am on the day of your departure unless agreed otherwise.
  • If cancellation is necessary we will do our best to find you an available alternative date.
  • Cars are left at the owners own risk and THCP does not take any responsibility for these vehicles
    (1 vehicle only permitted on the electric pitch).
  • The use of the caravan site and field is at your own risk.
  • No liability is accepted by Thornton Hall CountryPark for loss or damage to any
    property or personal injury whilst at this site.
  • No twin-axle caravans
  • Maximum of 5-night stay
  • Minimum of 3 nights on bank holiday weekends.
  • Bookings are non refundable.
  • Guests are welcome to use our onsite Diner.

Glamping Terms and Conditions.

During your stay with us, we hope you have a fabulous time, and that everything is to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please speak to our reception staff who will be delighted to assist.

  • Arrival from 3pm onwards.
  • Check in is NO LATER than 6pm.
  • Thornton Hall bell tents use a canvas and as with all temporary structures, this can not be
    guaranteed to be water-tight in extreme weather.
  • There must be no naked flames under any circumstances used within the bell tents or within
    5 meters of the bell tents.
  • No smoking inside the bell tent.
  • No cooking or flames are allowed within the bell tent.
  • No flammable materials are present inside or within 5 metres of the bell tent.
  • No dogs are allowed in the bell tent.
  • Each booking and bell tent must have an adult aged 18+ sleeping inside the tent.
  • Under no circumstances must under 18’s be left in the bell tents unsupervised at any point.
  • The bell tents must not be tampered with in any way.
  • This includes, but is not limited to adjusting guy ropes and the canvas.
  • You are responsible for any damage to the bell tent including, but not limited to staining/tearing
    of the canvas, scratching of poles, excess soiling of the canvas or snapping of the guy ropes.
  • We do not allow smoking, flames or cooking in our tents, and there is a charge of £100 per
    tent if evidence of smoking, cooking or candles is found, including a smell. If we believe
    there is a smell of cigarette smoke, other candles or cooking in a tent, you as the hirer agree
    to accept our opinion as final. Cigarettes and naked flames should NOT be used within 5 metres
    of these tents. Failure to adhere to this could result in the deposit being retained after a hire.
  • If drinks are spilled in a tent, please ensure they are cleaned and we are notified of the spillage.
  • A fee of £100 will be charged if drinks are left spilt on the floor. In instances where a drink has
    been spilt on the canvas and we have not been informed, the full deposit will be retained.
  • A damage deposit of £100.00 per bell tent is required upon booking.
  • All equipment will be checked before it is hired out, and any small issues such as marks already
    present prior to your hire will be noted for you in writing. You will not be charged for anything that
    was already present. In order for the full damage deposit to be refunded, everything must be
    returned in the state in which it was loaned. The charges listed below detail how much can be
    charged for lost or damaged items. This list is by no means exhaustive and the Company
    reserves the right to charge a fair and appropriate amount for any item hired out, which may or
    may not be included in this list, should it be lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Charges are based on the costs to clean, repair or replace items.
Nature of problem: Charge:
Damage to the tent incl. pole & groundsheet £100.00
Dirty tent or groundsheet as a result of negligent use £100.00
Damaged or lost airbed / bed £10.00 each
Damaged or lost crates £30.00 each
Damaged or lost bedside table boxes/crates £15.00 each
Damaged or lost lanterns £10.00 each
Damaged or lost cushions/blankets/rugs £25.00 each
Stained bedding £30.00 per set
Damaged or lost bedding incl. duvet, pillows & cushions £20.00 per item
Very dirty cushions/blankets/rugs £10.00 each
Lost or damaged ornaments, incl. candelabra jars £5 each £5.00 each
Damaged or lost fairy lights & battery operated candles £5 per set £5.00 per set
Damaged guy ropes £10 each £10.00 each
Damage to exterior decorations £10 each £10.00 each
Unable to access tent on arrival or departure £100.00 £100.00
Evidence of smoking, candles or flames in or near the tent £100 £100.00
Damage or loss heater £20.00
Damage or loss fridge £20.00
  • Thornton Hall are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of any personal items whilst using the bell tents.
  • Please remove all of your rubbish and belongings from the bell tent when you leave.
  • Failure to do so will result in £25.00 being with held from your damage deposit.
  • Please ensure you vacate the bell tent at 10am on the morning of your departure.
  • Bookings are non refundable.
  • Guests are welcome to order takeaway from our onsite Diner (10am – 4.30pm)